get CASH for Surveys – Scam???

Get paid cash for surveys




It says “Get paid cash for surveys”. Is it true or scam?

We found out this is a scam! Let me explain:

It is true that you can make a little money once in a while by taking surveys. But the money you make will be peanuts when compared to how much you need to spend to learn this program! You need to spend $34.95 to learn this program which is too much for what you can earn!

Also, a majority of these products are worthless. According to a case study, a person made $0.37 per hour using this “get cash for surveys” scheme. Even the minimum wage now a days is close to $8 in most of the states.  Is this worth spending your time on? Even you work in McDonald, Burger King or Wendy’s you can make more  money!

The only good thing about this is, it is being offered by Clickbank. So, you won’t get cheated, although you may not make much! This programs claims  that one can make 1000’s of dollars per month, which is plain bullshit.

If your hobby is to fill out surveys online, then you will like this program. If you want to do this for a living, then this is not for you. Get cash for surveys, is a little bit misleading because on some of these sites, you don’t get paid cash; you just earn points.

Conclusion:   It is not worth wasting your hard earned money on this scheme! Put your money to better use! Also, this is an absolute waste of your time, unless you like filling out surveys online!



It says “Get paid cash for surveys”. Is it true or scam?